Corporate events are crucial and necessary for a business. It is one of the most important forums for companies because it gives an opportunity for employees from different departments to present their ideas. Planning a corporate event is challenging, especially that it needs to be an avenue for innovative ideas to come true. In this article, we’ll show you how to plan a corporate event, especially for beginners like you.  

Corporate Event

Gather Goals From Stakeholders 

The planning of the event will become easy if you understand the expectation of your key stakeholders. Before you get to the most detailed part of the plan, talk with the most influential people in the company. Create a checklist. The goal of the event should bring the company together, collect innovative ideas from different departments and establish a company-wide purpose. Once you get all the information, you can start planning other details like venue, speakers and transportation details like hiring SFO Limo Service or any other limo rental companies.  


Build a Marketing Campaign 

When you plan a corporate event, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t market it even though it’s an internal event. You have to build the excitement especially from your attendees. Your marketing campaign should center around creating the brand or theme of the event. Use the internet as your tool for inviting people, like sending emails and many more.  

Using email can encourage the participants to join the event, or at least they are made aware that’s something is happening. You content should be thought-provoking so the attendees would know what to expect. For the attendees from outside the city, you can excite them by sending a corporate event limo as their mode of transportation.   

Choose Thought Provoking Speakers 

The event should be a memorable one, and a keynote speaker will make a huge difference for the success of the event. Don’t just rely on big and recognizable names. Make sure that the speaker can also provide deep insights for the attendees, since the goal of the event is to share innovative ideas. You can also ask the key stakeholders to recommend some of the company’s employees who have major insights to tell.   

Collect the Ideas of the Attendees 

The company’s greatest asset are the employees. So as an event organizer, it would be critical and challenging for you to collect their ideas throughout the event. You can do this by selecting an event networking platform that can support sharing and messaging. Assign people who are going to ask around and interview people. This would be easier for you to present the ideas in your post-event content.   

Post-Event Debrief  

A post-event debrief is important in any type of event. This will help you evaluate the overall success of the performance. You can do this by using post-event surveys or evaluation. Collect the data and analyze them. The report should be given to the management, because this would serve as a basis for future corporate events.