Operating the concrete mixer and pouring our first slabs paved the way for our involvement in the concrete industry. Young as we are back then, we worked in construction. It was then that we realized we can turn it into a business. We then hired more people, got some equipment, and here we are now. 


We can say that starting at a young age definitely gave us an advantage. All those years of hard work weren’t for nothing. We have definitely learned a lot of things and experiences. We believe we are well-equipped with the knowledge, skill, and experience but we say this in the humblest of ways. Today, we offer different types of concrete commercial, industrial or residential services such as Slabs, Paving, Structural, or Decorative. We have no tricks other than the dedication, passion, and hard work we have. We also make it a business to give our customers the best that they deserve. From consultation to the installation, we make sure that we are always there for them. 


We are lucky to be based in Baton Rouge because of the wonderful clients we have. And we do nothing less than a strong, durable, and resilient project that will stand the test of time. We routinely test the equipment and tools we have. Our team is also always updated regarding safety and improvement training. So, whether you need a concrete driveway or a new concrete pavement in the backyard patio, we can make it happen for you and more.